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I highly recommend Marco D services. The analytics team of Marco D possess the total package: excellent references, good knowledge of statistics and data mining, initiative to anticipate customer needs, convincing and accurate communication, strong customer management skills and results-oriented thinking.

Casey Johnson

With the help of the experienced consulting team of Marco D, our company maximize marketing efforts and understand our customers better.  In all, excellent quality and tremendous client-service attitudes!

Robbie White

Marco D Solutions was key to our success! Their expertise in data analysis and predictive analytics enabled us to identify key models in our data that others failed. They have developed several predictive models that predict, for example, students' success, the likelihood of a student leaving school, and the likelihood of a student failing to meet their loans. 

Riley Jones

They are a quality and professional IT Services and product development firm. Marco D team members were accessible, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process. The constant flow of communication enabled my team to meet our pre-defined deliverables, which kept the project on track. I give these guys five stars and would recommend them to anyone.

Payton Hillman


Marco Digital Solutions Services

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Management Consulting

Marco D has 20+ years of experience in providing consulting services to its client. We help business owners or organizational leaders with decision making in regards to their business strategy. We provide our services to understand what was happening, plan for future scenarios, and develop an adaptive strategy to adjust to the current market.


We primarily analyze business practices and goals and make suggestions for improvements or company direction. We develop and build strategies for cutting costs, increasing revenue and making key decisions. We also help our clients define markets and identify trends within a specific market. As an expert consultant, we troubleshoot current problems and implement solutions.

We utilize our expertise in business strategy, data analytics, technology, and operations to help our clients' organization capitalize on the opportunities created by the digitization of business, and transform their organization, driving bold ideas and pragmatic solutions.


  • Analyze business operations and projects. 

  • Understand corporate goals and objectives.

  • Conduct extensive market research.

  • Implement strategic solutions programs and practices.

Data Analytics

Marco D offers a comprehensive kit of data analytics services to convert our customers’ historical and real-time, traditional, raw, and social media data into actionable insights.


We cooperate with technology businesses globally to create brand-new software products and implement market-leading solutions: Enterprise Agility, Digital Transformation with human and machine intelligence. Intelligent Automation allows companies to innovate, enhance performance and productivity with agility.

We capture, save and process large amounts of data. Marco D experts provide advanced analysis and decision-making with a focus on machine learning; and a comprehensive pipeline that brings all of this together can unlock hidden sources of additional revenue, optimized costs, and free cash flow for businesses.


  • Detect hidden patterns using data science expertise

  • Discover and unwrap Key Insights through Analytics & Visualization tools

  • Comprehensive Integrated Unified entity view including data from internal& external sources 

Website Development

Our Web Development Team engaged with various startups, SMEs, and enterprises and helped them to achieve success in their business by assisting them to ease their IT outsourcing experience. Marco D has become a trusted brand and one-stop destination for many in different domains.


With deep experience in the complete software development lifecycle and more than 100 projects in our belt, Marco D is a full-service provider for end-to-end, custom web application development projects for market and business leaders.

Marco D has extensive UI/UX and front-end expertise, our web app developers deliver deep and affluent user experiences:

  • Functional, convenient and visually compelling HTML5/JavaScript applications that work natively great on mobile and tablet devices.

  • Modernization and mobilization of existing web interfaces, integration layers for mobilization of legacy web systems.

IT Services

Marco D is entrusted for implementing complex, full-cycle software development projects. We focus on our clients' specific needs, ensure clear and transparent workflows, assign experienced in-house teams while developing custom software solutions.

Our agile team helps our clients meet challenging deadlines more cost-effectively. We operate under a delivery framework that guarantees consistency, transforming years of experience into a unified approach that minimizes bottlenecks. Our clients benefit from our result-oriented attitude and say our quality bar is incredibly high. 

We cooperate with technology businesses globally to create brand-new software products and implement market-leading solutions: Enterprise Agility, Digital Transformation with human and machine intelligence.

Mobile App Development

At Marco D we have experts in Mobile App Design and Development and has the potential to bring specialized and optimized solutions for you.

Our mobile developers use up-to-date technology and custom solutions to deliver reliable products, while the design team ensures that your app is intuitive and amazing. We develop apps with platform-specific functionalities and guidelines in mind to provide the best possible experience for both iOS and Android users.


We will help to create front-end, back-end, design, branding, and maintenance of your app with quality at its best. Our transparent communication process provides the best experience 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Marco D has expertise in developing Internet of Things (IOT) projects. We work on implementing smart connectivity to optimize operations, unlock extra efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. We develop and provide tools to drive efficiency and generate valuable insights from data. Still, along with increased productivity, IoT and embedded software bring complexity and require frequent release cycles. This results in additional challenges. We’ll help you harness the right IoT technology stack to scale your business and make it future-proof.

Do you need different features or functionality in your sensor monitoring system. We offer custom software development to ensure your software system meets your company's needs!

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